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10 Tech-Savvy Devices You Need For Your Home

Smart homes are no longer a concept of the future, but a common reality for the everyday homeowner. It is not unusual to see your robotic vacuum glide by you as you sit and chat with your houseguests. Do you need to know what to buy at the grocery store? Pull up the app on your phone and check inside your refrigerator. Want to check in on your fur baby and reward him for good behavior? Check an app to see what Fido is doing and touch a button on your phone to give him a treat.

Advancements in technology allow you to modify your home to accommodate your needs and desires. If you wonder about a new gadget or app for your home, chances are it already exists, and you haven’t discovered it.

Here are some of the latest tech-savvy items to have in your home:

1.Smart refrigerators. Long gone are the days of searching through your refrigerator and making a list for the grocery store. With a built-in camera, checking the refrigerator has never been easier. Use your smartphone while grocery shopping to take a peek inside and see if anything is missing. Leaving a note on your refrigerator or updating your calendar is simple with one tap of your finger. You can also listen to your favorite song or watch television while making a family dinner. A smart refrigerator simplifies your life and makes a home-cooked meal fun!

2. Smart washer and dryer. Laundry is a chore no one wants to do. It takes up precious time in your day when you could be enjoying life. Now, there is an easy way to do laundry and still live your life. You can use the Wi-Fi connection on your smart device to control and monitor progress on your laundry. Never forget wet clothes in the washer and freshen up your belongings in the dryer.

3. Smart mailbox. With so many porch pirates stealing packages, how do you stop them? Having a front door security camera will keep you safe, but it won’t stop them from taking your brand-new pressure cooker. Now, there is a smart mailbox that will protect your packages safely until you get home. Your delivery driver simply drops the package in the anti-theft drop slot, and you can have peace of mind. The motion-activated camera and built-in alarm stop theft at the source.

4. Smart window blinds. Never touch a blind again with motorized window blinds. Reduce the heat in your home while saving energy from your HVAC system. Set a schedule or remotely control your blinds to decrease the risk of a robbery by making it look like someone is home. Conveniently close and open your blinds without having to deal with chords and high ceilings.

5. Robotic lawn mower. No more backbreaking labor and heat exhaustion to attain the perfect green grass. A robotic lawn mower will do the hard work for you just by using an app on your phone. The easy-to-use mobile app lets you control it from anywhere with Wi-Fi or GPS. You can monitor the mower’s progress, and it will send you status alerts if any issues arise. Adjust the map of your yard with ease; sensors prevent it from running into unwanted territory.

6. Smart thermostat. Imagine not having to continually adjust the thermostat because of the afternoon sun beaming through your window. Imagine blissfully sleeping through the night because the temperature was just right. A smart thermostat allows you to control the indoor environment of your home so you can live in your optimal climate. With minimal installation, your thermostat can learn your schedule and adjusts the temperature for you while cutting down your energy usage. Effortlessly control it with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

7. Robotic vacuum. Robotic vacuums are the little sidekicks you didn’t know you needed when keeping a clean home. They’ll clean up the grit and grime and help you maintain cleanliness when you have no time. With convenient Wi-Fi connectivity, use an app to choose where you want your robotic vacuum to clean. When deciding which vacuum is best, consider your flooring, layout of your home, and the type of dirt your home generates.

8. Pet camera. Pets are family members. Pet cameras allow you to interact with your voice or a type of video chat. They help address common issues such as separation anxiety or boredom, which can lead to stress and furniture damage. Toss a treat with the tap of a button and reward good behavior to let Fido know you are always close.

9. Personal robot. Owning a personal robot is no longer just for the Jetsons. Your in-home companion can help with everyday tasks, remind you of upcoming events, and follow you around for a hands-free video chat. Play music, place calls, check the weather and control smart home devices with the sound of your voice. It’s like having a personal assistant so you can get back to focusing on the important moments in life.

10. Smart home hub. Smart home hubs are the basis for making all your smart devices work together. You can control lights, security cameras, thermostats, digital locks, and more with just one tool. A home hub usually utilizes an app or your voice to control your preferred device. Managing your gadgets one at a time can be a hassle. With a cohesive unit, experience the ease of a smart home.

Tech-Savvy devices exist to make our lives easier. Home automation systems work to maximize home security by connecting motion detectors, surveillance cameras, automated door locks, and other security measures throughout your home so you can always feel protected. Increase energy efficiency with technology by having more precise control over the heating and cooling. The latest home automation tools are easy to install and provide step-by-step guidance for additional support. Embrace how technology can help you, and combat tech intimidation. Enjoy your Hilton Head Island or Lowcountry home and have peace of mind that everything is secure.

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