Social and Environmental Change

Grand Strand Miracle League

For the second year in a row I was able to volunteer with the Grand Strand Miracle League. It was a beautiful Saturday to enjoy a game of baseball and to know that everyone was there for the same thing, fun.

Volunteering with the Miracle League reminds me not to take life so seriously. Every day is a gift and we should stop and relish the little moments in life. By the end of the day I was smiling so much my face hurt.

Adults and kids with special needs are no different from you and I. They want to feel a connection with someone and to be cared about. One of the biggest obstacles is how society perceives a person with special needs. Spend some time with them and you will experience genuine happiness and to not take yourself so seriously.

When was the last time you broke out into dance while Michael Jackson was playing? Have you cheered on a friend and given them a high five lately? Did you tell a stranger you like their sweater and watch them smile?

Life is a lot more meaningful when we are selfless and open our hearts to others.

My friend Ani at Grand Strand Miracle League.

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