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Blended Coffee Company: Reinventing Coffee Culture

In the small arrogantly shabby town of Pawleys Island, you can now find a carefully handcrafted espresso drink, freshly brewed coffee, and homemade pastry for your morning commute or a relaxing afternoon. Blended Coffee Company is a locally owned café that is adding a caffeine kick to the sleepy seaside town. The concept was born from local business owners wanting to introduce a unique coffee experience to the community. Their mission is “experience coffee in its purest form and delivery with a little something for everyone.”

Coffee House

The unique experience begins as soon as you walk through the door. The cold brew tower and rustic aesthetic make it perfect for a casual discussion over coffee or meeting the deadline on your next project. Personalized table-side service is provided with a siphon pot or french press while being educated on coffee culture.

Coffee culture is the social atmosphere surrounded by the consumption of coffee. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed during stimulating conversation and creative interactions. The sense of community and comfort are directing customers towards local coffee shops more than ever.

Blended takes pride in using 100% Kona coffee from a multigenerational estate from Cherry Hill Estates in Hawaii for their fresh cold brew. The espresso beans are sourced from Café Britt in Costa Rica to provide the smooth satisfying taste that is sure to perk you up in the mornings. To round out your perfect cup, make sure to try one of the delicious pastries such as the blueberry muffin, chocolate espresso brownie, red velvet cookies, and many more savory options.

Cold Brew Tower
Cold Brew Tower

Satisfaction is guaranteed as you are greeted with smiling faces and friendly personalities eager to accommodate your caffeine consumption. Are you not sure of what you want? Someone will be glad to suggest a drink or sweet treat suitable for your taste. Personally, it is a goal of mine for a local shop to know my order before I say cream, no sugar (I accept compliments in coffee).

Local coffee shops depend on support and love from their community. It is the place where you meet your best friend for a study session, take your afternoon coffee break, or sit in solace to reflect and ponder that next life decision. Supporting local means you are invested in the well-being of your community and its future.

Stop by and visit Her Majesty the Queen (their fancy espresso machine) Monday through Friday 7 am to 2 pm and Sunday 10 am to 2 pm.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updated hours and menu expansions.

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